Stetson Baptist Church is “A Place Where God’s Love is Alive.” That means we give glory to God as He leads us to love each other and love the world around us. Being part of Stetson Baptist means that you’re part of a church family that cares for and supports each other in the daily struggles (and joys) of life.

Our Vision is to be a Multi-Generational and Multi-Cultural family of Christ followers that reach up to the Savior, reach down to the lost, reach in to the truth, and reach out to a friend. We accomplish that vision by challenging each member of Stetson Baptist Church to do three things: Worship, Grow, and Serve. We encourage members to do these three things in two ways: daily in their personal lives and weekly within the church.


Through worship, we are drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus and understand His direction for our lives. We worship in two distinct inspirational gatherings on Sundays: Traditional and Modern. Our Traditional Service features traditional singing of the hymns of our faith. Our Modern Service features music from today’s worship culture. In both services, we hear an insightful, biblical, and applicable message from our pastor.


When we grow spiritually, we learn biblical principles and lessons that help us learn more about our faith and how to express it in our daily lives. Being involved in one of our growth groups will also connect you to a smaller relational group that will support you, know you, pray for you, and help you in your daily life.


When we serve, we put our faith in action. The Christian life is not about knowing. It’s about doing. Serving in a local church allows you to be part of something that is BIGGER than you. As you get involved at Stetson Baptist Church, you’ll find that we have members serving through community partners such as Grace House (crisis pregnancy center), local prison ministries, public schools, and other service opportunities. If you’re wanting to serve, we would love to talk to you about how you could get involved!