An Unplanned Pregnancy

Choosing The Best For You And Your Baby

Even if you’ve always believed that life is precious and that babies deserve the chance to live, experiencing an unplanned pregnancy yourself can be overwhelming. You find that it’s more complex than just a yes or no decision. All the things that are at stake, added to the hormones that are likely affecting your emotions, can leave you feeling confused and afraid.

What should you consider as you try to decide the best options for both you and this new life?


The Gift of Life

Every human life has value regardless of the circumstances. That goes for you and your baby. You were both created in the image of God and were fearfully and wonderfully made. All of your days were written in God’s book before one of them came to be (Psalm 139:13-16). Even though you don’t know your future or the future of this baby’s life, your decisions affect both. Pray that God will help you make choices that preserve His best for both of you – to allow you both to experience the full life He offers. As Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10).


The Responsibilities Ahead

Choosing to give birth to your baby is a heroic step. But that’s just the beginning. Now you must decide who will raise this child. There is great responsibility involved in caring for a child in both the short- and long-term. Being a parent means learning to lay down your life as a servant for your child (Philippians 2:3-7). Many mothers choose to take on this responsibility alone. Single mothers usually find, however, that the responsibilities are greater than they ever imagined and there will be a need for additional support.

If you hope to raise this child yourself, you should pray about where the child’s father fits in. A father can make all the difference in a child’s life – for better or worse. Often, an unplanned pregnancy can uncover a man’s true character and make it clear whether or not he has the courage and discipline to be a good husband or father. There are times, however, when the father of your child can still become the man you and your child need. With dependency on the Lord, a lot of work and Biblical counsel, it’s possible to make an unplanned family work.


The Hope of Redemption

God is in the business of turning situations that feel like a mess into “happily ever after” stories. Having your child’s father commit to the long-term responsibilities of marriage and parenting can provide a hopeful story of redemption. When that’s not the case, however, the best hope for your child may be adoption by parents who are prepared for the responsibilities ahead. There can be great heartache in holding your new baby and then handing it over to someone else, but it’s often the best choice you can make for your child’s future. It also can be an answer to prayer for the couple who hopes to adopt children.

Going Further



BraveLove is a pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption by acknowledging birth moms for their brave decision. Visit for videos and resources.

A Bump in Life: True Stories of Hope and Courage During an Unplanned Pregnancy – by Amy Ford

Will help anyone going through or connected with this situation move from feelings of loneliness, shame, and worry to the far more lasting joy that is God’s redemptive blessing of a child.


Stetson Baptist Church Resources

Professional Counseling

Stetson Baptist Church provides onsite, Christ-centered professional counseling through Heart Peace Counseling. Both male and female counselors are available. Counseling is offered for adults, adolescents and children. Fees are significantly lower than comparable services in our community. All counseling is confidential. For more information, call Michelle Patterson at 407-797-5289 or John Smith at 386-801-1291.

Grace House Pregnancy Centers

You are not alone! We’re here to help you face an unexpected pregnancy & empower you to make an informed decision.  Be informed. You have options & you have the right to know all your options!  We’re here to listen & provide you with truthful information about the resources and options available during confidential consultations with our well-trained advocates.

Talk With A Pastor
Our pastor would love to meet with you and help you navigate this time in your life. Feel free to reach out to the church office and schedule an appointment (386) 734-1991.